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Feminsim and Postcolonisalism

             Post-colonial theory and criticism is concerned with several issues and topics, involving textual representation, postmodernism, nationalism, history, education - just to mention a few. These issues are equally important from the point of view of showing the width and the diversity of this field. However, one issue seems to outstand from the topics of post-colonialism with its importance and influence on literary theory and it is the issue of feminism. Feminist theory and post-colonial theory have much in common; women and the colonised races and cultures both share the politics of oppression and repression. Therefore it seems natural that the development of these two fields are parallel and similar in many ways. Earlier feminist and post-colonial theorists did not draw conclusions valid to both discourses and did not try to compare their findings and bring the two theories closer to each other. "In the last ten years, however, there has been increasing interest not just in their parallel concerns but in the nature of their actual and potential intersections - whether creatively coincident or interrogative." (249) .
             The texts I have chosen and which I am going to interpret in this paper are all concerned with the impact of Western feminism on post-colonialism and the problems which it has arisen. These texts are the following: Decolonizing Culture: Toward a Theory for Post-colonial Women's Texts written by Ketu H. Katrak; Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses written by Chandra Talpade Mohanty and First Thing First: Problems of a Feminist Approach to African Literature by Kirsten Holst Petersen.
             The first text that I am going to analyse is titled Decolonizing Culture: Toward a Theory for Post-colonial Women's Texts which was written by Ketu H. Katrak. In her paper, she writes about "the inescapable necessity of situating a feminist politics within particular colonised societies" (250).

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