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The Olympian Gods

             Greek mythology is thought to have formed around 1200 BCE. In ancient Greece the people worshipped Olympian gods. These Olympians consisted of twelve gods who received their name from Mount Olympus, their dwelling place. These gods ruled after the overthrow of the Titans. The Olympian gods remind me a lot of an aristocratic family of mortals. They had some of the same struggles as human beings do. In some way they were all related to Zeus. .
             Zeus was the supreme ruler of all the gods, much like a father who rules over his family. He was also the older brother. Zeus was god of the rain, and also the cloud gatherer. His primary weapon was a thunderbolt, which he launched at those that upset him. Zeus was known for his numerous affairs, yet his wife, Hera, protector of marriage remained loyal to him. [In legend, she also spent a good deal of time trying to keep an eye on her philandering husband (Sporre 61).] I think it is ironic as Hera seemed unable to protect her own marriage from the infidelity of her husband. .
             Zeus" closest brother was Poseidon, the lord of the sea, and many sea men looked to him for luck. His weapon was a trident, and it was so powerful it could shake the earth and shatter any object. He had a marvelous palace under the sea that was made of gold. He was also drawn by a chariot pulled by dolphins and seahorses. He had a wife named Amphitrite, a Nereid, which means she was a lesser god. Her father was a Titan, and other than that, there is little else known about her.
             Zeus had another brother named Hades. He was the evil god, and much like the black sheep of the family. He ruled the under world and was in charge of all the spirits. He was the king of the dead, always trying to initiate more deaths. Hades was also the god of wealth because all precious metals are extracted from the earth and generally associated with evil. He wore a helmet which made him invisible any time he came to the surface, yet he didn't leave the underworld very often.

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