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That Day

             I always thought I had a firm faith in God, but my faith was never truly tested until April sixth 2001, when my best friend was involved in a car accident. I was strong in my faith and my convictions. My strength was pushed to a limit so high; all it could do was plummet. My faith was hard to hold on to. Not only did I lose faith in God, but in people.
             As a child I grew up in a family that attended church every Sunday. I was involved in bible studies, youth retreats, and prayer groups. I always thought God was on my side. I took my faith for granted. When I entered high school, I started to distance myself from my faith. .
             Then it happened. My best friend, Brooke, was involved in a lethal automobile accident. Brooke skipped school an awful lot. One day, while skipping school, she was leaving a friend's and lost control of her vehicle. The small white Toyota spun out of control then flew backwards into a large oak tree.
             I remember vividly the events of that day. Leaving school, I overheard students talking about Brooke. Finally I caught wind that Brooke was hurt. I raced home and called every hospital in the area looking for Brooke. I remember feeling as if someone was standing on my chest. As soon as I found her, a friend of Brooke's and mine picked me up.
             First we headed to pick up Adam, who was in front of Brooke when the accident happened. The only way to Adam's house goes right by where the wreck happened. My body began to shake as I saw the skid marks and the tree. I started to lose control but then I remembered I had no choice, but to be strong. When we arrived at the hospital, teenagers from the surrounding counties were scattered outside. Brooke was expected to make it another hour.
             I remember thinking, look at all these people here for Brooke, and feeling somewhat comforted. Later my feeling turned sour. Brooke made it through the night, but it was almost like all the people were worried about was new gossip to talk about.

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