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King Lear

            When writing King Lear, William Shakespeare focused much of his attention towards both the good and evil aspects of different characters and their relationships with one another. In this play, the good are mistqaken as evil and ironically the evil are taken into account as the pure, virtuous characters. Much of the treachery and deception in this tory, stems directly from the hierarchy of the English rule.
             Among these lines follows King Lear's greatst mistake: it was when he put statements, which were intended to affirm their true loves for their father. Cordelia was the only one that refused to over exaggerate the amount of love in which she held for her father. As a reaction twards his daughter's honest response, Lear cast her away, exclaiming.
             It was not a senseless decision for Cordelia to restrain from trying to persuade her father into giving her a larger portion of his kingdom. She was struggling with what she was going to tell him. It's obvious to the reader that she cherishes her father more so than her sisters, but she can't express her love in the way in which King Lear wants them each to.
             King Lear was entirely blind of the true love which was being put forth by his youngest daughter, Cordelia. She was the only one,out of three, who was not seeking personal wealth, material possesions, or power. However, as her intentions remained in opposition of Lear's purpose for the test. He denied any possibility that she held love for him in her heart and in conclusion, banished her, sending her away to France.

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