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Hippie and the Hobbit

            The article "Hobbit and the Hippie" is an interesting piece that tries to shed light on how a hippie could enjoy the book Lord of the Rings. In the book, there is a lot of struggle and violence. Hippies are peaceful people who believe that violence should be avoided at all costs. So when hippies are asked whether they like the book, many of them claimed they love and even worship Lord of the Rings.
             Hippies compare themselves to the hobbits. Hobbits, just like hippies, are peaceful people that live in a part of the world where they have no worries. The hobbit lives a simple life of growing a garden, smoking pipe weed, eating mushrooms, and having a few pints with friends and family. The hippie respects this lifestyle because they too want to live in a simple life that consists of sitting with friends catching a buzz and using only the bare necessities for life. But in the book there are a few instances where the hobbits get caught up in the fight for personal possessions. When Bilbo leaves the Shire, many of his ancestors come to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs. When they find that Frodo is the only beneficiary of all the belongings. This causes one hell of a ruckus. Hippies on the other hand, claim that personal possessions are not important. This is just one of many contradictions that arise when hippies are in favor of Lord of the Rings.
             Drugs are also a big topic in the article. Many of the hippies claim that using LSD when reading Lord of the Rings enhances your involvement in the story. They feel an opening in their surroundings giving them a better understanding of what is happening in Middle Earth. You would think that with this better understanding, hippies would catch the fact that everyone is in search of the personal belonging "the Ring". This ring causes war because most everyone would like to have possession of it. This again is the personal possession issue.

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