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Huckleberry Finn and Their Eyes Were Watching God compare

            Huck Finn and Their Eyes Were Watching God Compare and Contrast Essay.
             In Their Eyes Were Watching God and Huck Finn were books about struggles in the lives of 2 young people. Their lives are like a rapid with two routes. Huck Finn and Janie are although different races, they share the common hardships in life. On one side there is religion for the two and on the other there is love, but these two aspects make Huckleberry Finn and Janie both very similar and also very different; although these books were controversial about their themes and actions toward to the colored people, these controversies make up society today and shape American Literature now and for the future generations of America.
             In Huckleberry Finn and Their Eyes were Watching God had many similar aspects to the book. For example, Huckleberry Finn and Janie are very controlled by men. To Huckleberry Finn, there is Tom Sawyer which almost has Huck on a leash and treats Huck like a dog. Tom has no regard for the well being for the prosperity of Huck but only does what is traditionally done. For Janie, she is always below the Man of the house. From Johnny Taylor to Tea Cake, she is always below them and follows them like a slave. .
             For another example, Huckleberry Finn and Janie are both trying to find their place in society. Huckleberry wants to be a rebel and a problem child but the adults around him and that are associated with him want Huckleberry to become a well refined and urbane boy who is wanted everywhere he goes. Even though Huckleberry Finn wants one thing, society wants him to be another thing. While he does not want to become a urbane, that is his place in society and he realizes this at the end. For Janie, she longs to have a perfect and idealistic marriage and life .
             with a man that loves her and adores her infinitely. Even though she longs for this, she is never satisfied with her men, but still tries to fulfill her dream of a perfect life.

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