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Vietnam War

             The Vietnam War and postwar period also resulted in a period of.
             significant social and political change. The division in the country.
             between those who supported the war and those who opposed it led to a.
             political and social revolution. Americans began, as never in the past, to.
             question and publicly protest decisions made by the government and elected.
             officials. Congress and the public challenged the president on U.S.
             military and foreign policy issues. The war became a standard for.
             comparison in future situations that might involve U.S. troops abroad. The.
             American culture and tradition for unquestioning support of the government.
             ended and the perception of what constituted patriotism and loyalty changed.
             dramatically. However, none of these changes led to a major economic.
             downturn, precipitated a war, or denied the civil rights of Americans as.
             did the events following World War I.
             The two finalists in the competition are from bracket II, the "Civil.
             War", and from bracket III, "World War I". Despite the significant.
             implications of World War I and the fact that the Civil War occurred over.
             one hundred years ago, the Civil War remains as the most important event in.
             American history. Unlike the Civil War, World War I was not fought on U.S.
             soil, the fate of the Union was not in jeopardy, and the political,.
             economic, and social implications were not nearly as significant or long.
             lasting as those of the Civil War.
             From a political perspective, an examination of World War I reveals two.
             major results. First, after the failure to negotiate a post war treaty.
             acceptable to the U. S. Congress followed by the United States' refusal to.
             participate in the League of Nations, the U.S. entered a period of.
             isolationism. Affairs in Europe remained unsettled. The lack of.
             involvement by the United States in the settlement of the postwar issues.
             contributed to the causes of World War II. Also, the failure of Wilson's.
             political theory of idealism would result in a return to the laissez-faire.

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