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American Modernism

             For hundreds of years, women have struggled to gain.
             equality in a world dominated by men.
             early nineteen hundreds found it difficult to compete with the.
             men of their time. Modernism and the new feminism that emerged.
             in the beginning of the twentieth century stood for a bold and.
             innovative approach to the future, breaking the intellectual.
             systems of the past. American Modernism was a radical change.
             in linguistic, spiritual, and social conventions as writers.
             journeyed further and further from the world of their.
             foremothers. Authors rejected all artistic efforts that failed.
             to overthrow the existing concepts of beauty and women.
             struggled to gain footing in the world of literature and.
             literary modernism. Both changes in social conventions and the.
             magic of writing shaped women's Modernism.
             American Modernist poets dodged traditional conformation,.
             rhyme schemes, and beat in favour of original, non-rhyming.
             forms and conversational rhythms. Because many Modernists were.
             faultfinding of the increasingly mechanised, commercial, and.
             capitalistic nature of the United States, much of the work of.
             American Modernists expresses a discontentment of sorts with.
             American society and culture. In fact, a great number of.
             American Modernists were extremely cynical and pessimistic.
             about the state of Western culture and American society.
             (Barbour, 13). Theirs was a generation that urged change in.
             both literature and society.
             "New Poetry", as it was called, was largely a movement.
             against the Romanticism of the previous decades where poets.
             favoured familiar words and phrases, often attempting to create.
             distinctly American speech (Barbour, 18). Rather than uniting.
             abstracts like truth or beauty in their work, American.
             Modernists tried to depict and express the emotion of common.
             articles and experiences. They rejected all artistic efforts.
             that were ineffectual in challenging existing concepts of.
             Although American Modernism was a time of literary change.

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