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Economic Needs DBQ

            Throughout the many years that history envelops, societies have managed to meet the .
             economic needs of their members in many ways. In comparison to Charles Darwin's theory of .
             natural selection, which states only the strong survive, this is so for societies as well. A society in .
             which the economic needs of the people are not met will not thrive. Historically, societies in .
             which the economic needs of the people were met were able to grow and prosper. Some .
             examples are as followed: .
             In Muslim society in the 8th and 9th centuries, the caliph (ruler) took measures to ensure .
             economic stability [Document 3]. He took care of the poor, widows, and orphans. If there was .
             no burden on the treasury, he built hospitals for sick Muslims, with physicians and attendants who .
             would cure them and minister to their needs. He distributed taxes in a fair, just, and equal .
             manner, not exempting anyone because of their social status or great riches. He kept things equal .
             and set taxes personally, depending upon the amount of income. When a large portion of the .
             society was in need, the caliph took action to provide for the people. .
             In Aztec life (early 1500s), markets were used to help meet the economic needs of the .
             people [Document 4]. There were dealers in gold, silver, precious stones, feathers, cloth, and .
             embroidered goods, slaves, and many other things people were willing to buy. Markets allowed .
             people to buy what they wanted and needed. Also, in markets, traded products were sold. This .
             enhanced the relationship between one group of people and another. Trade between groups is a .
             big boost to an economy, allowing it to balance itself out.
             There were many inventions during the Industrial Revolution [Document6]. Inventions .
             contributed to the economy because new inventions could provide new jobs for people. Many .
             inventions made it possible to make more money. For example, the cotton gin is an easier way of .

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