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Chrysler Daimler Merger

            No one likes change especially when the changes effect your job, but changes have emerged within Chrysler and Daimler from their merger. This is not a bad thing. Chrysler and Mercedes Benz both make excellent vehicles and both companies have good reputations. The merger was originally thought to be "a merger of equals" mainly because each company represented different types of vehicles. Yet, German dominance has been expressed throughout the company. This dominance has American workers in an uproar. .
             German reports seriously questioned the merger referring to Chrysler as "inferior", but the truth is both companies merged together have the potential to become the leading vehicle manufacturer of our time. The Germans believe that the high reputation of the Mercedes Benz may be tarnished by the hard working rugged motto of the Dodge Truck. The question is will each company set their differences aside or will the competition take advantage of their chaos? Though Daimler-Benz did later admit they had intended for Chrysler to be nothing more than a division under Daimler-Benz and not an equal partner Chrysler employees are not taking this merger sitting down. .
             The main concerns within both companies seem to be the idea of "if it isn't broken then don't fix it". Soon Daimler will start to make its mark on Chryslers manufacturing plants and many employees are concerned that the old Chrysler way will not shine through as it once did. The truth will be in the final product, which is set to be released in the year 2004. If the prices remain the same and the quality is as good or better then the merger will have proven to be a success.
             Chrysler was not a bankrupt company they were a successful company prior to merging and after the merger they remain strong, yet not as independent as they had originally intended to be. Chrysler's problems lay with the American economy, which proved to be a problem for all vehicle manufacturers and poor management decisions.

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