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Terrorism and Society

            Ever since the attacks on the World Trade center two years ago, American society's biggest fear has been terrorists.Why do terrorists target Americans? What impact does the media have on terrorism? What can we do to stop it? I believe these are the three most important issues when talking about terrorism.
             So why are Americans such a great target for terrorists? One reason is our religous differanaces. Most Americans are christian, most terrorists we hear about are muslims. Of course everyhone thinks their religion is superior, so there is going to be some fighting about that. Another reason could be that they are tired of Americans trying to be the world police and control everyone and they just are tired of it.
             The media also has a tramendus effect on America's views of terrorism. They dont always tell the whole truth, they just say what they think people want to hear so they can get the ratings. Recently the media might have lead some people to believe that Bin Laden and Sadam were co-conspiriters in the 9/11 attacks when in reality Bin laden hates Sadam as much as he hates American. Maybe its just that American society is just a bit too gullable.
             What can we do to stop terrorism? The real answer is absolutley nothing. There will always be religious differances int he world. People are also never all going to agree on one thing. All it takes is one little thing to much and it could push someone over the edge and make them lash out at someone.
             So all and all, terrorism is a bery bad thing for society. Its never going to go away. No matter what the media trys to get you to believe. People are always going to hate each other, so thats, that.

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