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The unknown Citizen W.H. Auden

             We are just a number according to the government, we are not referred to as a name at the IRS, but a simple nine digit code with the pattern of ###-##-####. The Poem "The Unknown Citizen" by W.H. Auden is about us. "The Unknown Citizen" is a poem that is written in free verse. Although, there is an apparent rhyme scheme, there is no pattern to which words rhyme, sometimes it is the next line that rhymes; yet at other times, it is the line after the next that rhymes. It is a poem because it is structured like a poem. However there are no stanzas, it is just one large paragraph. The main idea of the poem is the opposite of what the poem literally states. It is because the poem is written as a satire on the world. The point of the poem is that just because a person's life has nothing wrong and just because he does nothing wrong, it doesnt mean that he is happy. This story relates to real life because people always say another person has a perfect life because they are rich or popular. They also say how their life would be perfect if it were like the other person's, but in reality the other person could really be in pain or really unhappy. .
             The story of "The Unknown Citizen" revolves around the life of JS/07/M/378, a citizen of some unnamed country. It speaks of how the government has erected a monument to honor his "flawless" life. The story begins by saying that there have been no complaints about this person. .

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