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Response - All Quiet on the Western Front

            While reading the last few chapters of ''All Quiet on the Western Front'' by Erich Maria Remarque, I was touched by the many events happening throughout the end.
             ''.on a day otherwise so calm that the army report merely stated 'All quiet on the Western Front.' '' I feel strongly about the author's rather unique way of ending the novel. In my novel history that I have read, rarely have I encountered a novel where the title made a connection at the very end of the last chapter. Therefore, I thought it was great to have a change with a creative conclusion.
             I believe that the title corresponded greatly with the whole aspect of this novel. My first thoughts were that ''All Quiet on the Western Front'' was simply just a title for a piece. The outlook of this title means so much more to me as I know what it is originally meant to signify in the first place. I look up to Erich Maria Remarque's thoughtfulness for coming up with a fantastic title, as everything is indeed quiet when the last soldier (in this case, Paul) remaining, dies. During the day, a household is filled with televisions flashing, individuals wandering, food cooking. But night, to me, is a whole new world. No movement is heard. Everything dies. This is how night reminds me of the novel. .
             I must mention that the author kept up the detailed description throughout the whole novel. With the help of these wonderfully described actions, I definitely could have imagined myself at war along with the rest of the guys, fighting, and going through realistic emotional and psychological challenges due to the war.
             I believe this novel has made me a stronger reader, as I never would have thought I would have read a novel based on war. I must admit I was getting tired of reading it at some points, because the same events seemed to be happening over and over again. I must say it was a fine, well written novel.

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