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Donnie Darko - An Explanation

            It's a wonderful film the first time because in general you have no idea what just happened and it's so exciting to try and work it out for yourself. It will make you feel sad, scared, confused, and in the end happy as you finish with a smile and think that was fascinating; defiantly a good way to spend a night in!.
             Spoilers Ahead - DO NOT read below if you haven't seen this film.
             I"m just going to make a few comments not cover the films entirety!.
             I loved the cinema scene because of the line.
             DD: "What happened to your eye?".
             Frank: "I am so sorry".
             Together with the music and the softness of speech, it has such meaning and of course it's funny in a way because why would Frank say he's so sorry for a terrible injury inflicted on his eye! I felt so much guilt when Frank said that, even though I had no reason to, which I feel is a job well done to the director! + Sound department!.
             Of course there are certain times during the film, which I didn't feel, were appropriate. Scenes and lines which intentionally try to confuse the watcher and have no real meaning. Some examples are .
             -The zooming in on the spiral in the aircraft engine and.
             -The line in the cinema by Frank "Why are you wearing that stupid man-suit" .
             I personally don't think the film needed these moments because the story was so strong by itself although I can imagine these scenes would cause stronger emotions of horror or confusion, which are main themes in the story among most people.
             On a positive note the film had an excellent sound track, which really helped to evoke the emotions, which each scene demanded from its watchers.

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