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Literacy Criticism

            Literacy criticism is the expected human response to literature either spoken or written. It is simply the way we response of give our opinion and about what we read and what we think about it. Criticism helps us better understand how literature works. There are ten significant approaches in literature even thought they are explain separately they work together. Formalist criticism view literature as information that needs to be studied by it's own language. Formalist focus on words rather than the facts in the text. They believe what gives literacy a special status is when all the elements work together to create the readers experience. When reading a poem they use close reading, to understand step by step analysis of the components in the text. Biographical criticism analyzes literature by using what the knowledge of the authors life to gain insight. By doing this it allows the readers to understand the authors work. Sometimes if you know about the authors life or background you will understand the readings better even maybe from the authors point of view. ( I do this a lot with my favorite authors). Historical criticism use the social, cultural, and academic perspective to help readers better understand it, it focuses on not literature itself but what impact it had on the original audience by recreating it. It use the authors biography and the surrounding and settings. Psychological critism deals with how the mind reacts to literature. How it relates to normal functioning and the mental and sensory parts of the brain. The second technique is that the psychology of the author and their behavior and motivation for the literature which they are writing. The third technique is the fictional. .

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