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Is the War gaining and why are the Allies supposedly wanting

            I have chosen to write about some of the reasons for the war on Iraq whether they are wrong or right and whether the War is really worth the aggravation it is causing. I have chosen the articles about Osama Bin Laden and the reasons for attacking Iraq. My reason for picking the Bin Laden story is that I feel it was as a result of his actions and the fact that he wasn"t killed that the allies are now set on attacking Iraq. My reason for picking the reason articles is to look at other reasons. I will also look up on other arguments for and against war with Iraq via another source.
             Allied forces are still in Afghanistan but in the article it talks about Bin Laden being alive and well. He seems to have evaded the bombings which lit up the Afghan sky. He still has a group of followers close to his side as well and it seems to show that George Bush junior cannot kill or capture the man supposedly responsible for the September 11th tragedy. This is what I feel is one of the main reasons for turning to Iraq. The allies seem to have been looking for a reason to attack Iraq for years now and now they are really doing it. Many britons also feel that George Bush is forcing Tony Blair into war and because of the key allied relationship between the two nations, Blair is obliging in taking briton into the war. This is against the public's wishes in Briton as they feel differently to americans.
             It is wrong to attack Iraq in my view as most of the Iraqi people are not involved but may be seriously injured or killed.

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