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What is Real, Important, Personal, Dangerous and Desirable F

             The Zulu and Yoruba are two groups, whose lives revolve around their religion. Religion for the Zulu and Yoruba is a way of life. They observe many rituals during their daily lives that compliment and honor strong beliefs in their gods and ancestors. However, in a vast list of traditions the Zulu and Yoruba each have their own convictions of what is real, important, personal, dangerous and desirable. .
             For the Zulu people whatever has power is real. For this particular group authority and power is in the God of the sky, the ancestors and in medicine. The first power is the God of the sky and is thought to be the one that is accountable for bringing the abantu ("the people") to earth. The God of the sky is revered and praised as being powerful and as having a relationship with thunder and lightning. Storms are considered as acts that come directly from him. Moreover, if lightning kills a person the individual is considered as now living close to Umvelinqangi and does not become and ancestor. The person is not present in any location nor he or she lives under the earth. They are said to be with the God of the sky, mourning is forbidden, and that person must be forgotten and is not to be mentioned ever again. .
             The second entity the Zulu consider powerful is their ancestors. Ancestors are revered and are considered the center of their world. The ancestors form part of the Zulu's daily life. The relationship of the people with the ancestors has a lot of importance. Zulu people should respect and venerate the ancestors but if they dissatisfy them and do not show the expected reverence, they will suffer the consequences that will bring forth illnesses and devastation through the practice of witchcraft. Three major ancestral spirits are of imperative importance. They are known as the amalozi, amakhosi, or amathonga. These are the spirits of the departed souls of their dead. These spirits are considered as being positive, constructive and creative and the Zulu people should to worship them.

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