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To Kill a Mockingbird

             In every book there are many scenes that are good and have meaning but only a few that you will remember forever, such scenes include Romeo and Juliet commiting sucicide in Romeo and Juliet, Silas finding Eppie in place of his gold in Silas Marnar, and Bambie being shot in Bambie. All of these scenes had a major part in there respected story and are essential to the development and ending of their stories. They all also give the story its theme and therefor and the most memorable. There are many scenes in To Kill a Mockingbird that are memorable, but the scene that had the greatest impact is in the last two chapters. .
             In the last two chapters, Scout finally realizes that Boo is a human being,and is not any different than everyone else. Scout does not at first recognize that the man that had saved her and her sibling is in fact Authur Radley. She treats him just as she would anyone else in the town and it is not until Atticus says Authur's name that she realizes who it is that is in front of her. She had waited all this time and had all of these ideas that Authur would be some kind of monster but discovers that he is just like everyone else. She also treated Authur kindly after she meets him as if he was a newborn. This deeply contrasts her previous views of his cruelity and . The reason for this is that she knows Authur is not used to seeing other people and does not know how to act around them.
             he final scene in the last two chapters is also memorable because it brings out the theme of the book. In the beginning of the book there was a passage about mockingbirds are harmless and they do not harm anything. This also refers to Authur. He does not do anything throughout the whole story to hurt anyone, so why do many people in Maycomb seem to have the idea that he is this monster? It is through gossip that Authur's reputation is hurt. This also brings out that you cannot judge a book by it's cover.

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