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South Africa : Apartheid

            Roots of the South African Apartheid.
             South Africa is a country set with an abundance of natural resources including fertile farmlands and unique mineral resources. South African mines are world leaders in precious metals and gems (MBendi) The climate is mild, and resembles the San Francisco bay area weather more than anywhere else. Maybe this comfortable climate attracted the first non-native settlers in the 1600s. .
             The origins are said to be caused of by the events of this time in the 16th century. Many whites that live in South Africa believe in a myth passed down over time that says that the first Africans and the first European settlers arrived in roughly the same time period. And most also believe that this was mostly the earliest forms of territorial segregation.(Anzovin 8).
             But this region was occupied millions of years earlier. And based on proof as little as two thousand years ago it was inhabited by hunter gatherers. By the 1500s two groups of people, close descendants of the regions earliest population, were still in South Africa. The first group the San, were later labeled as bushmen by Europeans remained primitive like there ancestors. They were nomads and followed their game.(Pascoe 21) .
             The second group called the Khoikhoi, later named the Hottentots by the Europeans .
             because of their shutter like dialogue , differed from their African counterparts the San by .
             that they did little hunting and migrating, the kept herds and only moved to give their herds new pastures to feed on. They did not use any for of agriculture. And they were larger in number to the San.(Lapping 2)Also during this time a third group of peoples had entered to picture. They spoke various form of the Bantu language. They were brown-skinned and believed to have migrated from the central regions of Africa. These Bantu speaking people were made up of about two hundred different tribes. Although they were quite similar in culture and language.

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