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President Bush Financial Aid

             President Bush believes that to restore and maintain order in Iraq and other third world countries, constant military observation is necessary. Bush's request for more military aid comes from the fact that though the war is over, anarchy remains present in Iraq. There have been more U.S. military deaths after the war then when the war was occurring. Many also now believe that the Al Queda is regrouping and planning to fight back once again.
             Much of the military aid going towards the United States forces training local military forces in Yemen, the Philippines, and Uzbekistan. Many countries that were once banned from receiving American weapons and assistance are now getting military aid like Pakistan, India, and Jordan. The Afghan conflict is costing about $1 billion a month.
             Out of the money that is requested by president Bush, nearly half goes to the pentagon. Another billion goes the department of defense for payments to Pakistan, Jordan and other countries who support the "war on terror", and another billion to the economic support funds in these countries. Other funds go towards everything from aid to Israel to airport security.
             I don't think that this money is being used to its fullest extent. Helping a few countries to defend them selves while many are sick and dieing in other countries. I say, we should fix the problems in our own society before we go off helping everyone else.

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