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The Rocking Horse Winner - Money Beats Love

             The short story "The Rocking-Horse Winner" talks about a little boy who grows up believing luck means money. He secretly rides his rocking horse to help him pick the winning horses in racetracks. .
             Paul knew that his mother did not love him, he saw it in her cold eyes. Growing up in a house where everywhere he turned he heard whispering voices, asking for "more money", Paul came to believe that solving this problem would win him his mother's love. His mother regretted the day she married for love. She hated the very idea of not being rich. She allowed him to misunderstand the meaning of the word "luck". Therefore, Paul strongly believed that to be lucky meant to be rich. Now, all he ever thought about was how to make more money.
             The boy's riding of the rocking horse is ironic. Though it may have brought him "luck" in the beginning, in the end it brought him to his death. Paul did not understand that no matter how much money he won, it would never end the voices in the house, nor could it bring his mother's love back. All it would do is make things even worse. The voices increased and his mother became greedier. Her cold heart could never be revived, she was lost in her desire for money. These eventually consumed the little boy and drove him to madness. After finally confessing to his mother that he was "lucky", he dies, probably dreaming of the next winning horse. .

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