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Treasure Island

             Jim Hawkins:The young boy is the narrator of the adventure that is told in Treasure Island. Jim Hawkins is a typicall young boy, who becomes involved in the exciting adventure, especially for a boy of his age. He acts very courageous and often very risky. His ideas are very important and imaginative, e.g. match of Ben Gunn, a steal of Hispaniola and so on. He is very capable and competent boy. He is also shown as a morally good person. Especially his decision not to run away from John Long Silver. .
             Mrs. Hawkins: Jim's mother. The only female in the book appears at the beginning of Treasure Island. Her character is shown when she wants to get what is her due from Billy Bones treasure. She was extremely courageaus and this example follows Jim later in the book.
             Billy Bones: B. Bones is the first pirate that Jim meets in the book. The way he looks like (ragged, scarred, ponytail) signals the end of tranquil and peaceful life at the inn. He loves drinking rum and singing a special pirate song. Jim is not afraid of him and even enjoyes his stories. He is quite sad when Bones died at the end of the first part of the book.
             Dr. Livesey: He is very smart, fair, intelligent, fearless and well-organized. He also shows kindness to Jim. He is also a narrator of the novel (although only for a few chapters).
             Squire Trelawney: It is a person, who gives money to buy a ship and hire a crew. One of his big mistakes was a hiring of John Long Silver. He is very naive and trusting. He is very good shooter and that's why he is given the jobs that require the best shot.
             Captain Smollett: The commander of Hispaniola is completely different of Squire. He is perceptive, smart and scared of the dangers. He has conflicts with both Jim and squire.
             Long John Silver: He is an old sailor cook, the leader of the pirates and one of Jim's friends. His character is very dynamic, he has only one leg and is usually seen with his parrot named Captain Flint.

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