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             A partnership with a child is such a unique and incomparable bond. Children are the most precious and vulnerable people in our lives. They are the hope of the world and the light of our future. I have had many opportunities to experience these feelings. I have learned to cherish the uniqueness of each child and celebrate their differences.
             Throughout nursing school I had many clinical experiences with people old and new. I have taken care of patients who were one second old and patients who were a hundred years young. Each patient has touched a special place in my heart, but the most rewarding experiences I have had has been with a child. .
             Children are the reason why I wanted to become a nurse and now want to become a teacher. They are the greatest gift that God could ever give to us. My experiences with children have ranged from one end of the spectrum to the opposite. I have dealt with children who have had an earache or toothache to children who were mentally or terminally ill. The funny thing is I would not trade one second of my time with any of them. Each child has impacted my life and my career so intensely and I have built so many partnerships. .
             Just a summary of the places I have worked would not suffice this paper. I want my experiences to be reflected in my words and my actions. I feel that I have become a role model for many children. I demonstrate empathy, not sympathy for a child and his/her family. I have learned to let children reflect on their own desires or worries and just be there to lend an ear. Listen! Listen! Listen! Those are three words that I want to tell everyone who deals with children. I have cared for children with cancer and have only had months to live but all they were concerned with was telling me how we should color in the lines and not around them. They have such a way of thinking and feeling. If focusing on positive feelings helps a child forget his/her illness for a second, I want to be the one to experience this with them.

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