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Literature in the Harlem Renaissance

             In 1918 by the end of World War I, Harlem in New York City had become the largest black community in the United States. An African American movement was on its way. Many blacks from the south migrated to the north to find better opportunities. Music with different beats was being played like jazz, spirituals, and hymns. During the 1920's Harlem was filled with black intellectuals, and artists from all over the world came to make a new beginning in Harlem. Black literature, art, music, and theater were recognized and very popular. The African Americans were being recognized in the American society. The black artists and writers started to be creative and reflect from their culture into their work. The African American literature brought a lot of attention to itself. The poets, novelists, political essayists, and dramatists were the central groups who defined the Harlem renaissance. They gave expression and meaning to the African American experience. It was the first time that African American literature was taken seriously and attracted so many people. They did what they can to give themselves and other blacks the pride to be a Negro. While trying to give themselves pride they were also trying to improve their social and economic standing in America. Writers with the artists, singers, and politicians .
             played important part in making the Harlem Renaissance stand out to the public. Writers reflected from their past or what they wish for the future. In the 1920's African Americans were free under the constitution but they were not free from racism and their past was not far gone. Their writing brought their expression and feelings of themselves and sometimes as the African Americans as a whole. .
             Literature I believe goes beyond words on a paper but they are feelings from the heart, they bring out the persons personality and characteristics. The words themselves could have different or even hidden meanings, which make the reader go further than just reading them but actually feeling them.

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