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Little Nemo

             What's it like to have a dream full of adventures? In this movie called "Little Nemo", a little boy named Nemo goes through adventures that he will never forget. He dreams about a place called Slumberland where there are different looking people, creatures, and also the King of the palace and his daughter, Princess Camille. Throughout the adventure, he brings his little pet squirrel named Icarus. .
             This adventure turns out when Nemo falls into a deep sleep and starts dreaming. First of all, he dreams about a guy by the name Professor Genius. Professor introduces Nemo about Slumberland and takes him to the place with his assistance. When they arrive at the place, Nemo is already known for what he is, the heir of the throne. Then, Professor tells Nemo that he shouldn't be friends with a clown by the name Flip because he was one of the trouble makers of Slumberland. Nemo didn't listen to the Professor though. So then he goes running off with the clown to find the King at the palace. Nemo then loses Flip and goes into this big room full of toys and meets a big man that introduces him his collection of toys. Nemo realizes that this big man was the King named Morphy. Morphy makes a promise to Nemo that he should keep a key that will open any door of the palace except for one door, the door of evil. Nemo got sent out with the Professor to go and meet the King's daughter, Princess Camille. Nemo's scared to meet the Princess because she's a girl. He's just like other regular young boy's that doesn't like playing with girl's because he thinks that they"re just too nice. Professor takes Nemo into the room where the Princess is at and they start talking. .
             The King opened a party to honor Nemo as heir of the throne. King Morphy had also honored him a scepter that has a magical power into it. Nemo have to remember the words in order to work it. Nemo had passed the threshold because he had unlocked the door of evil which King Morphy promised him not to.

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