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Illiad Line analisis

             The greathearted Patroclus trying to stagger free,.
             Seeing him wounded there with the sharp bronze.
             Came rushing into him right across the lines.
             And rammed his spearshaft home, .
             stabbing deep into the bowels, and the brazen point.
             went jutting straight out through Patroclus" back.
             Down he crashed-horror griped the Achaean armies.
             As when some lion overpowers a tireless boar.
             up on a mountain summit, battling in all their fury.
             over a little spring of water, both beasts craving.
             to slake their thirst, but the lion beats him down.
             with sheer brute force as the boar fights for breath-.
             so now with a close thrust Hector son of Priam.
             tore the life from the fighting son of Menoetius,.
             from Patroclus who had killed so many men in war,.
             and gloried over him, wild winging words: "Patroclus-.
             surely you must have thought you"d storm my city down,.
             you"d wrest from the wives of Troy their day of freedom,.
             drag them off in ships to your on dear fatherland-.
             you fool! Rearing in their defense my war-team,.
             Hector's horses were charging out to battle, .
             galloping, full stretch. And I with my spear,.
             Hector, shining among my combat-loving comrades,.
             I fight away from them the fatal day - but you,.
             The vultures will eat your body raw!.
             As the title suggests, nice guys finish last. The nice guy is Patroclus and finishing last means his death in the end. These lines describe the death of the Achaean warrior, Patroclus. It is written in more colloquial style. It is as if two common Greek citizens are discussing the story in the streets rather than two kings delivering speeches in a royal hall. The style it is written in creates a strong emotion for the reader. The simplistic words allow the reader to focus on the loss of a great man rather than worrying about interpreting the poet's ideas. And what a loss of life it is! Patroclus is the most human, most identifiable character in the Iliad. His kindness and overall good nature create a strong bond with the reader.

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