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            The site of Cappasanta is an interesting site where there is a clash of ages with the mixture of different cultures such as Greeks and Romans. It started out as communities that lived on hilltops and made tools and jewelry out of bronze. They learned of new things such as the Iron Age and different civilizations. The slow invasion of the Greeks and Romans brought them new ideas and items. With the ideas came war. The Romans conquered all that lay in their way and controlled this region for 800 years. Soon after the fall of the Roman Empire, Cappasanta was under rulership of Byzantine. But this was a short ruler-ship as Arabs soon invaded. With this the Middle Ages began.
             The site of Cappasanta was located in what is known today to be Sicily. During the Iron Age they replaced their bronze tools because iron is stronger. They were more tribal societies, living in small communities and herding what food they would eat. They herded pigs, sheep, and goats. Occasionally they would hunt wild deer, but the people of Cappasantans in time over hunted the wild deer in the region, for food or maybe pleasure, which is suggested by the diminishing numbers of the wild deer bones found along the site. They possibly started domesticating sheep and goats. This idea is supported by the fact that those two types of animals remains were found throughout the different time periods of the site; while other animal's remains seamed to have disappeared such as fish and pigs. Because of Iron they could now build fences using nails to keep their live stock in fields were they wouldn't have to keep track of them as much. During this time period, Cappasanta made pottery which included: bowls, cups, jars, basins, and cooking pots. Because of the Iron Age more people could be supported and the population grew. With this so did their territories, and soon hostilities rose between people. With the territories expanding the communities in the area started to move together to form more urban environments.

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