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Political Participation and its Effects on Modernization

            Although socio-economic modernization is usually viewed as a positive .
             institution, in the instance of political participation it is usually harmful to the .
             developments and advancement of democratization. As long as modernization spreads, .
             political participation will increase inevitably. With modernization, socio-economic .
             status increases "people become wealthier, better educated, and therefore, more inclined.
             to participate in politics. As the number of politically aware citizens increases, more .
             problems will arise throughout the course of democratization.
             Even in balance, political participation will exceed the need and capacities .
             that governments of today possess. Especially in more primitive societies, governments .
             do not have the capacity to practice social engineering. As people become more .
             disgruntled with governmental procedures and ideology, revolutions will occur. Rather .
             than move towards modernization at a reasonable pace, these governments tend to move.
             too quickly for older and more conservative generations or too slowly for the radical and.
             younger populations. This in turn, creates societal chaos and violent explosions. These .
             are instances when political participation needs to be monitored very closely as not to.
             disrupt the political stability of the nation. At first glance, political participation is .
             generally viewed as a positive asset to democratic procedures, as stated in the Liberty .
             School of thought. This theory supports the idea that as political participation .
             increases, governments become more rational and compromising. However, in the late .
             twentieth-century, two new theories evolved: the social psychological theory and the .
             structural theory. The social psychological theory focuses on individual motivations .
             rather than social groups. According to the textbook, Gurr argued that relative .
             deprivation was the key to revolutions. For Gurr, political instability only results from.

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