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Black Hawk Down

             In the beginning of this movie, Black Hawk Down ¸ United States Marines and Army Rangers are sent into a marketplace in Mogadishu, Somalia, on a mission that was suppose to take thirty minutes. They were to abduct two lieutenants of a Somalia Warlord. But after some difficulties and not being able to accomplish what they were suppose to before being spotted by Somali militia, they were there for a total of fifteen hours involved in the longest battle involving American troops since the Vietnam War. It took them that long to just get to the safe zone controlled by U. N. forces. The mission most definitely turned into a failure as nineteen American soldiers were dead and many more wounded as they were surrounded by thousands of Somali militia during the mission. The main actors in the film are Sam Shepard, Tom Sizemore, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, and Josh Hartnett.
             I would most definitely recommend this movie to a friend. It was the best war film I think I have ever seen. The only war film that even compares is Saving Private Ryan. Black Hawk Down has nonstop action from the opening scene to the closing moments of it. Although the film is little bit gruesome, I think it very accurately portrays what actually went on during this mission. So next time you have a night off, grab a bag of popcorn and rent this movie.
             Weber 2.
             When the producer was making this film I really think he wanted to get the word out there about this conflict. I pretty sure not very many people have heard about it, because before my friends and I saw it I had no clue this even went on. Although the mission was a bust it still needs to be know what went on. The producer obvious wanted to make money off of it. Without making money off of it, it would not have been the successful film that he wanted it to be.
             There are many sociological points that come out in this movie. One of them would be roles. Each soldier had a certain job to fulfill in this mission.

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