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Sexual Harassment

             " I know how you could get an A in my course". Sexual propositions like this happens from teachers all the time around high schools and colleges all the time. A study of sexual harassment has been taken and one woman out of 5 has lost a job, been transferred or quit because of sexual harassment. This goes to prove that sexual harassment is happening everywhere. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates " Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. .
             The word "Harass" means to vex, trouble, or annoy continually. What is "Sexual Harassment"? Sexual harassment is as followed:.
             • Unwelcome sexual advances.
             • Request for sexual favors.
             • Verbal or physical conduct of sexual persuasion and is being rejected.
             • Conduct is used to affect a person's career or employment decision affects that person.
             Conduct affects that person's performance, creates an intimidating and hostile environment (What is sexual harassment). .
             Usually when a person sexually harasses someone the victim has something .
             to lose on a daily basis. There are many reasons why people don't say anything when they are being sexually harassed. Some of those reasons are that they are embarrassed, they don't know who to tell or how to file a complaint, they are scared, they don't think anyone will help and support them. When being sexually harassed there are many ways to let the harasser know you feel uncomfortable. The victim should speak up at the time and let the person know you feel uncomfortable about the remarks being said. If it keeps happening, keep track of what happens. The person being harassed should write the dates, the time it happens and what the harasser says. There are other ways to get the harasser to stop. The victim can bring the attention to the organizer or boss of employment. The most dramatic way of letting the person know you are being harassed is to file a lawsuit against that person.

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