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Marrow of Tradition

            Major Carteret was a former Southern Civil War officer, whose family was nearly ruined as a result of the war. However, he's working on rebuilding his family and his fortunes through his newspaper, "The Morning Chronicle." He also uses his newspaper to voice his belief in white supremacy, which was common during this time. He is obviously a man who is racist based on his negative comments on the black population. This behavior is obvious in just the second chapter during his son's Christening. During his conversation with Mr. Delamere, he stated: .
             "the negro is capable of a certain doglike fidelity, - I make the comparison in a kindly sense, - a certain personal devotion which is admirable in itself, and fits him eminently for a servile career. I should imagine, however, that one could more safely trust his life with a Negro than his portable property (24)." .
             He obviously has a very hostile attitude toward black people. However, he contradicts Mr.Delamere's and my idea by continuing, "On the contrary, I am friendly to his best interests. I give his employment; I pay taxes for schools to educate him, and for courthouses and jails to keep him in order (25)." It's ironic that he amends his taxpayer's duty for giving these people, whom he regards as animals, an education and a jail. He is unfair in thinking that all black people steal regardless of Mr.Delamere's belief that his servant is an exception. He is the prime example of an egotistical, racial character that embodies the majority of white people in the south, who do not believe in equality especially since slavery was abolished. He just sees the whole black population as invaluable and inferior.
             Based on his negative attitude towards the black population, one could easily decipher his bully-like attitude as fear. The greatest fear he has is to be "merely object to being governed by an inferior race and servile race (25)." He is afraid that since the black population is being given more freedom that one day, these former slave owners will become slaves to them.

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