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            TITLEIsrafel is said to be a Koranic angel who has the "sweetest voice of all God's creatures." He is the angel of resurrection and song in Arabic folklore. He will blow the trumpet on judgement day. Edgar Allan Poe uses the angel Israfel to bring the idea of misery on earth by building up the idea of perfection in this angel. He does this in the first five stanzas of the poem "Israfel." In the last three stanza's Poe compares heaven and earth to show the reader the vast differences in the two places .
             In the first five stanza's Poe creates the idea of perfection in Israfel. In the first stanza Poe write how "none sing so wildly well" as Israfel .Meaning he has a perfect or beautiful voice. It's so beautiful that it makes the .
             " giddy stars (so legends tell).
             Cease their hymns, attend the spell.
             Of his voice, all mute." (Poe, "Israfel" line 5-7).
             Poe continues the idea of stars and objects of the sky stopping there tasks at the sound of Israfel singing. In the fourth stanza Poe describes the heaven of Israfel. He writes of the Muslim virgins who have perfect beauty and are believed to live in Koranic paradise. Poe writes that; .
             " the Houri glances are.
             Imbued with all the beauty .
             Which we worship in stars." (Poe, "Israfel" line 26-27).
             Saying that these heavenly bodies hold the beauty of the stars (which are objects) in just there glances. Poe continues to describe the angel Israfel writing things like "to thee the laurels .
             Richards 2.
             belong," Laurels are wreaths given for honour " in ancient times [to] poets , heroes and victors in athletic contests." In this stanza it Poe could be paralleling himself to Israfel In they way he mentions the laurels which could be presented to poets and also bard which is a poet. He calls Israfel the "Best bard- By paralleling himself in the poem the poet sets the reader for what the main them of the poem is. .

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