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One Day When We Were Young

             "One Day When We Were Young" is an abridged short story by Vincent banville.
             The story takes place in the Summer of 1955 in the West of the U.S. Mikey and his two friends, Cecil and Joey have formed a triumvirate, called the three Mesquiteers. The group makes up stories and goes on adventures. One day they start to feel different about the girls and they decide to spy on them. In the evening Mikey bikes out to Lady Dane, a ruined castle, still dreaming about one of the girls, Clara. On his way home he meets Clara, who puts out her tongue and calls him a vulgar name. .
             The main character, Mikey is a 13 year-old boy who, though unaware of it himself, is struggling with the transformation from child to teenager. Mikey is small of his age but possesses the ability to control his friends, because of his natural intelligence. He likes to be in charge and functions as a natural leader, guiding and advising the others. This may originate from the fact that Mikey is the elder brother of two siblings, Sean and Nelly, and as the eldest he has naturally developed into a leading, controlling and protective person. .
             Mikey is very creative, and uses his skills to make up the stories and adventures of the three Mesquiteers, in which he mostly plays the part of the hero himself. Again a symbol of his leading status in the group. .
             Cecil plays his right-hand man and is a boy of a more daring and enterprising nature. Contrary to the last member Joey, who is described as the little fat boy with a great deal of perplexity and insecurity. .
             As the story deals with the complexity of growing up, the three boys can be seen as different elements that every teenager consists of. The need to be in control, desire to challenge oneself, sometimes even in a dangerous way, and certainly the confusion and insecurity. .
             This Summer Mikey changes. He experiences feelings, thoughts and desires that he has never known existed in him.

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