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The Sun Also Rises

            In the novel, The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway the literary elements of .
             plot, setting, and theme are strongly presented. Plot is when the events drive the story .
             towards its climax and outcome. Setting is the effects of time and place that connect to allusions and characterization. Theme is the meaning, moral message, or didactic purpose portrayed by the author. While writing The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway focused on many different literary elements, but Hemingway mainly focused on the literary elements of plot, setting, and theme.
             In The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway strongly presents the literary element of plot. Plot is when the events drive the story towards its climax and outcome. The plot opens with Jake Barnes, an expatriate American and an aspiring writer, serving as a newspaper correspondent in Paris. He leads a life of shallow social ties, frequenting nightclubs, bars, and cafés. He travels through the French Basque country and then to Burguete, Spain where he goes fishing with his friend. Then he goes to Pamplona, Spain for a fiesta, the running of the bulls, and the bullfights. He leaves Pamplona and has a short holiday in San Sebastian, Spain. Then he goes to Madrid to help the woman to whom he has had a long attachment.
             The literary element of setting, which is the effects of the time and place that can be connected to allusions and characterization in a novel, was presented very well by Hemingway in The Sun Also Rises. The novel is set in Paris, especially those districts frequented by American ex-patriots. In Book II, the protagonist goes to Burguete, .
             Spain for a fishing trip, and then to Pamplona for the fiesta of San Fermin and the bullfights. After the fiesta, he goes to San Sebastian, Spain for a brief holiday, and then to Madrid where the novel ends. The social atmosphere is the frenetic social scene of expatriate Americans and British after World War I, when the young people who had been affected by the war found themselves unable or unwilling to return home.

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