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             How were successive species in Genus Homo (Habilis, Erectus, and Sapiens) able to radiate into diverse ecosystems over the last 1.5 million years? What changes in technology and social organization were crucial to their success?.
             At the time when the species in Genus Homo were present on the earth, many different changes in the environment happened. It went from the coldest and most barren winters of Europe to the warmest savannahs of Africa, which meant that they had to overcome every single change and adapt to it. In the three species of Genus Homo, each one had different ways and advantages to overcome such changes in the ecosystem. Those three species are divided into: Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, and Sapiens.
             Homo Habilis:.
             They are the earliest Genus Homos known. It's thought that the first Homo Habilis initially lived in open bush and savannah country in East Africa. It is thought that they were not capable of migrating out of Africa since no remains of Homo habilis have been found somewhere else. Since they lived in open bush and wide savannahs, they mainly were gathers, scavengers, and small game hunters. They are known for being the first humans to have used some kind of tools (Oldowan tools), which helped them to do some small game hunting, dismember carcasses, whittle wood points, and add meat as a regular dietary item. The meat as a regular dietary item was a factor in the stature growth, and it was an advantage in the environment where they had to live.
             Homo Erectus:.
             This specie of Genus Homo is known for having a significant larger brain (900 to 1200cc) than the Homo Habilis; it means that they were smarter, and they could develop more advanced tools to survive. Also, they are the first specie of Genus Homo to have control of fire, which gave them the ability to migrate into colder climates of the world, such as those in Europe and Asia. They first lived in Africa where the first finds were in Rift Valley of Africa and in South Africa.

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