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Raisin in the Sun

             I found this section of the book very sad because the family seemed to be very nice people who were so poor, they couldn't give their son fifty cents. This made me think of how lucky I am. I also found it inspiring when the father gave his son the fifty cents to make it seem that the family as a whole were not struggling financially. .
             A Raisin in the Sun.
             These fifteen pages were wonderfully written. It conveys the struggles the black community had to overcome in order to make their dreams come true. Walter s a man who has a desire to be successful, but has a dull-witted wife, sister and mom standing in his way. They need to recognize that a low-risk investment is usually a low yield investment and that a high-risk investment usually brings in the high earnings. Another thing they must understand is that you do not become rich by working for someone else, you become rich by working for yourself.
             A Raisin in the Sun.
             In this chapter I grew a sort of a dislike for mama. I feel that she has no right to tell Beneatha what to or what not to believe in. She was out of line when she slapped her and made her say she believed. Beneatha seems to be old enough to make her own decisions and choose what she believes in.
             I also felt sorry for Walter because he is now going to have another child which along with the women will interfere will his goal to become financially stable.
             A Raisin in the Sun.
             This section surprised me because of how irresponsible Ruth was acting. She should have expected to become pregnant is she was having intercourse with Walter. I think Walter should set Ruth straight and exonerate the proposal of abortion from her mind.
             A Raisin in the Sun.
             Beneatha is a woman who associates herself with people like Asagi, who do not benefit her in anyway. He is introducing her to a culture that does not and most likely will never exist in the United States. If they keep dating, things will go much beyond that of cutting her hair off.

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