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The Fatal Flaws of Many

             When William Shakespeare wrote the play Hamlet he would have never dreamed how analytical people would respond to it four hundred years later. Yet here I sit analyzing and writing, not taking even a moment to appreciate the effort or sheer beauty bestowed in the play (well, here we go). The six main characters in Hamlet each have a unique fatal flaw; Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, Dopey and Doc; "oh wait,"" that would be something entirely different, anyway. In the early goings of the play, the second scene to be exact, we discover that Gertrude is very greedy. Like Gertrude Claudius is also greedy, he kills Hamlet senior just so he can become king. The love of Hamlet, Ophelia is weak-minded, she cannot come to grips with her fathers death. Ophelias' brother, Laertes is greatly impressionable. The father of the two siblings, Polonius is always in everyone else's business and is undoubtedly nosey. The entitled character Hamlet avoids the inevitable of killing Claudius in many instances.
             Gertrude is greedy in that she marries her dead husbands' brother so she can become queen not because she loves him. We find that Gertrude is greedy in Hamlets first soliloquy. "She married. O, most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets!-(1.2.156-157). In the preceding quote Hamlet is implying that his mother married her brother in-law just to retain her status. In the following quote Gertrude takes a drink of the poisoned wine, intended for Hamlet, and dies. "No, no, the drink, the drink "O my dear Hamlet "the drink, the drink! I am poisoned-(5.2.278-279). If Gertrude had not wanted to keep her status so desperately she .
             would not have taken the fatal drink of the poisoned wine, therefore greed is Gertrudes' fatal flaw.
             Claudius killed his brother Hamlet senior out of greed, so he could become king. "The serpent that did sting thy father's life now wears his crown-(1.

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