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Discipline Blues

             As the door creaks shut and she tiptoes through the kitchen, she is comforted by the snores projecting from her parents" bedroom. She lets out a sigh of relief only to find that her parents are sitting on the living room couch waiting for her. Evidently the snores were coming from her brother rather than her father. After 45 minutes of fighting, explanations, and excuses, she finally goes to bed without knowing the soon-to-come punishment for being out two hours past curfew. Parents often overreact about situations like this. They will also make a big deal out of something that their child thought would not bother them at all. A general rule for all teens is to know how your parents react in certain situations before you do something senseless. Consequently, parental punishments are hopeless because they are ineffective, cruel, and unfair.
             To begin, parental punishments are usually ineffective. First, parents often use the "grounding" as a punishment, which does not teach a very good lesson in many cases. If a child gets grounded for doing something, more often that just makes the child eager to get out to have fun again, which results in the same penalty all over again. So, the child never really learns the lesson. Secondly, parents also like to take away certain privileges, such as a driver's license, the telephone, or the TV. These punishments are also ineffective at times, because they do not teach a lesson about the rule that was broken. Therefore, he breaks the exact same rule as soon as he has all privileges back. To wrap it up, parents do not always have the effect they want on a child.
             Also, parents can be very cruel when issuing a punishment. First of all, parents are not always consistent with their punishments. For example, if a child breaks a specific rule, like breaking curfew, he may not get a very harsh punishment, and then break a less important rule, like not cleaning his room, and get in much more trouble.

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