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Union Station

             The creation of Union Station in the lower downtown, also known as LoDo, of Denver, CO is one of the major reasons for the population explosion in the 1880's. Union Station allowed Denver to act as a hub to other important destinations in the western frontier. As stepping stone to the west, Denver soon became known for its ability to manufacture goods that were necessary for survival out west.
             Union Depot and Railroad Company built Denver's first Union Station in 1881. At the time construction of the massive building only cost $525,000 and opened on June 1, 1981. On March 18, 1894 the original Union Station burnt down when a fire ignited the electrical system within the confines of the ladies" bathroom. There was a great deal of damage and the buildings wooden tower was destroyed. Union Station was soon rebuilt with a much lower roof line and a stone clock tower to replace the wooden one which burnt down back in 1894. .
             In 1906 Denver's famous Mizpah Arch was built in front of Union Station on 17th street between the streets of Wynkoop and Wazee. The arch was officially dedicated on July 4, 1906. .
             In 1914, the Denver Union Terminal Railway Company tore down the stone clock tower and put the buildings lower expanded center that you see present today. At this time the Station was decorated with a series of chandeliers that where eight feel across, and the walls had thousands of ornate, carved columbine flowers in them in them. .
             The preeminent days for Union Station where during the "Roaring twenties" and the thirties. During this period of nearly twenty years the Station would see an average of 80 trains per day pass through the confines of Denver's Union Station. This was very important for the expansion of Denver and its economy. In 1931 the Mizpah arch was taken down because it was deemed a traffic hazard. Presidents; Eisenhower, Taft, and Theodore Roosevelt are just a few of the people who came to Denver by way of Union Station.

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