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Inate Knowledge

             What is it we know and how do we know it? Are we born with all the knowledge of the world and through growth and being is the knowledge of every-day life released, much like genetic coding? Or are we born completely ignorant to the world around us knowing nothing for which we need to survive, and all is learned through experience?.
             There are two separate ideas and theories heatedly contested in today's world. Theory of Knowledge is the basic principle behind both of the above statements. Being born with all the knowledge of the world is something short of science-fiction, in my opinion. If this happens to be the case however, all of the experiences of the past and knowledge gained in the past would be prevalent in our memory today. Being born with knowledge means that that knowledge had to have come from somewhere before that, and so on. A Paradox of history that intern begets the theory that we are born with innate knowledge of self and environment. Having all of these things "pre-programmed" into our minds is very bewildering. All of the knowledge gained by peoples long since dead is something that I cannot begin to fathom, and if this is fact, why can't I put up a pole barn, or shoe horses, balance my check book?.
             But, on the contrary, being born with simple skills and wants that every human being has is something I can concede to. I however see these abilities and truths to be instinct, not knowledge.
             Isn't knowledge something that is learned or attained? Being born ignorant is something that seems more feasible to me. With no pre-destined thoughts or experiences. You go swimming in the barrier reef with an open wound on your leg, and a large shark takes a bite out of you. You have just attained the knowledge that the barrier reef isn't tourist friendly, open wounds and salt water kind of hurt, and sharks like human appendages. Now being born with the most basic of knowledge of this experience (Sharks eat meat) should have kept you out of that water in the first place.

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