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Field Report of Gay Bars

             I did not visit one of these places, but I do know someone who has been to these places who gave me my information about what goes on at these places. I will first discuss what goes on at gay bars. This person stated that gay bars operate, in some respects, like regular bars. People go to drink, party, dance, and have fun, like people do at regular bars. This person states that these people want to be with people who are like them. Some go to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. One difference that this person stated is that she seemed to observe that there were a lot more smooching and a little more touching and feeling. This person also states that there were shows called drag shows that go on there. A drag show is where mostly guys dressed up like girls and even some girls dressed up like guys and they sing and dance. Unlike straight people, gay people tended to go to these places because gay bars were one of the only few places they could go to be with people like them. .
             I will now discuss the norms that are being violated in this social setting. One norm I see being violated in this setting is the plain and simple fact that people in this setting are gay. Being gay or lesbian is a norm violation in itself. Although there are millions of gay people all over the world, it is not considered normal. Some people use a bible analogy that goes as follows: God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Knowing a certain person is gay may make some people feel uncomfortable being around that person simply for that reason. Gays look and mostly act like the normal average person. You would never know one is gay unless they or someone else told you. Nevertheless, this is a societal norm violation. Another norm, I see violated here is that gay bars are in a "bar" setting. Now, some people don't see bars as a socially deviant setting, but a lot of people do. I think this is so because some people act different in this type of setting.

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