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Saints and Roughnecks

            Differential association theory, in both groups the saints and the roughnecks they displayed this theory. They acted out their deviance to be part of their groups. This is very common among high school age children. Sometimes called peer pressure. They need to belong to their friends and unfortunately their fun was illegal acts. I myself can relate to this situation. There were probably things that I would not have done when I was younger if it hadn't been for my friends. It makes me wonder about the roughnecks, especially the ones who went on to prison that if they had not been friends with the group would their path have stayed the same?.
             Social Class, The social class had a lot to do with the outcomes of the boys. Starting with the Saints They came from upper middle class families. They had access to money and cars this helped out their deviance very much. They were able to leave school fast and drive to where they would be not known to commit their acts. The money financed their drinking and trips to big town. There social standing also pre set a successful path to college. The teachers new these were good kids and often gave them grades that they did not deserve. They were definitely given preferential treatment because of their social standing. They came from good families so the consensus was that they were good kids. Any time they were caught doing wrong it was brushed off as boys will be boys. The Roughnecks on the other hand were from a lower social class not aswell dressed or as well mannered as the saints. They did not have the means to escape the publics view as did the saints. They spent much of their time loitering in front of a drugstore in the middle of town. The community viewed these boys as just plain trouble makers. This caused the adults to keep a good eye on them waiting for them to cause trouble so that when they did they were sure to get caught. Teachers saw them as not so great students.

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