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Critique on China Beach

             The show "China Beach" is set in Vietnam in the year of 1968. Throughout the whole show, we meet many different kinds of people. The main characters consist of doctors, nurses, and soldiers based at the China Beach hospital. During the episode, I observed many different filming and editing techniques incorporated into the show. The entire episode showed the creativeness of the writer and director. The beginning montage was my favorite part of the show. The cinematography of this section of the story was very professional and it incorporated a wide variety of camera shots. The three major aspects of the show that I chose to analyze are the editing, camera shots and angles, and the use of music and sound effects. The first part of the show I examined was how the story was put together.
             Overall, I think that the editing of this show was professional. For example, in the beginning montage, the producers incorporated many different aspects of the show in one sequence. There were shots of the army, people dancing, the China Beach hospital, and may other parts of the show. The use of montages in shows is very important and the beginning montage is very beneficial to the viewers. Montages have the ability to create a mood that captures the attention of an audience. They are very powerful and in this case, give an overview of what the show is going to be about. The beginning montage also depicts the setting and shows the audience what to expect in the next hour. The montage also had many camera shots and angles within the sequence. .
             Throughout the show, there were a variety of camera shots and angles used in the filming of China Beach. In order to make a story interesting, the director and producers must be creative. The camera operators of "China Beach" used a variety of techniques in filming the story. For example, the jib camera was used almost every time a character was walking somewhere.

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