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Patrick Henry

            In the following essay I plan to outline some aspects of Patrick Henry's background including family life, education and location and other information. This will be in an attempt to help gain some insight into why he had the political ideas that he had, how he contributed to the American Revolution and what his motivation was behind it. .
             Patrick Henry was born on May 29th 1736, in Cedar Hill Virginia. He was the child of local Judge, John Henry. His father was also a teacher at the local school where Patrick was educated. Being born and raised in country Virginia he was probably to be more inclined to be a farmer, as that was a common trade for southerners. Racism and slavery also may have played a role in his upbringing. As a young man, Patrick Henry seemed interested in commerce, and when finishing his schooling early tried his hand at being a businessman, however he was a poor one. He failed both as a Farmer and Storekeeper within the space of 7 years. In 1756 Henry married Sarah Shelton, later that year he also turned his hand to law. He received his license to practice 4 years later. He gained much of his reputation and respect by his actions in the Parsons Case of 1763, which permitted Anglican Clergy to be paid in currency rather than tobacco which was the commodity mandated by the British Government. Ten years later Henry was specializing in appeals before the General court of Virginia, It is said that he was the finest American Lawyer of his time in regards to criminal cases. .
             Patrick Henry was elected to the Virginian House of Burgesses, in Williamsburg in 1765, the same year British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. Henry led the fight of the American colonists against the British Parliament to have the taxation act revoked. His resolve was that only Colonial legislators could pass taxation laws and acts upon the colonies. This resolution forced other colonies to think hard about their stance towards the British government and opinions of it.

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