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ID Please

             As an American, the age 18 allows you to vote, join the military, sign legally.
             So why is the drinking age 21? If the drinking age.
             lowers minors will be less apt to see alcohol as the "forbidden fruit". Minors are, in a.
             way, attracted to alcohol. When a minor thinks about alcohol he or she sees it as a way to.
             rebel against the conformities of life today, as a way to break free from legal confinements.
             of society. Lowering the drinking age would solve the problem, not make it worse. .
             Drinkers would learn to become more responsible.
             Younger people see drink as a way of being cool. If we were to lower the age,.
             alcohol would become more accepted and people would not feel as if they were doing.
             something special. Lowering the age would make drinking become more of a normal.
             thing and not something wild and different to show you are a rebel. For instance, "in.
             Japan, drinking is a thing that young people do on a regular basis; sucha s at dinner with.
             their families or at a family gathering."(Lee, Yoshi) Allowing drinking at younger ages.
             will teach responsibility to kids. .
             If the age is lowered young people will learn to be responsible. They will learn.
             their tolerance and know when enough is enough. They will be able to go to bars, and.
             drink on campus under supervision. If they are supervised they will not be able to get so.
             greatly out of hand. If they were at somewhere such as a party or trying to get away with.
             it underage at a bar, they would be slamming drink as their "legal" friends bring them.
             drinks. Drinking ages discourage responsibility rather than encourage. "When I tried to.
             call a taxi cab service to give me a ride because I had been drinking they would not allow.
             it because I was under age.
             The system does not allow youngsters to find a way to handle alcohol responsibly. .
             In some cities if an adult supervises a party where alcohol is present to prevent drunk.
             driving they can be convicted for allowing other people's children to drink in their home.

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