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Plato and Aristotle - Creation, Love and Justice

            Creation, love, and justice were important to the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle. Plato, the teacher, and Aristotle, the student, had different views on each of the three issues. Plato believed that a certain Creator made the world for the inhabitants to be like himself. The Creator desired that all things should be pleasant and without fault. Plato believed that the Creator took the world in all of it's chaos and disorder and established order and put an end to the chaos. He also believed that God made humans intelligent so they would be the fairest and best creations. Plato also believed that the animals and humans of the world are just minor portions of it just as the Earth is a minor portion of the galaxy. He also states that there is only one solitary world and one solitary heaven. .
             Aristotle didn't believe in a certain Creator but that all matter has existed and will exist eternally. He believed that everything was created differently and not all at the same time. Aristotle stated that all matter couldn't have been conceived at the same time because all matter is so different. I believe Aristotle would support the evolution theories that have been posed by many scientist and philosophers. Aristotle thought of love as a feeling that could be controlled by the mind. He believed that any person could choose who they loved and they could just as easily be loved back. Aristotle stated that love from a friend to a friend was a specific bond and not a just a feeling any longer. He believed that love was an emotion that the mind itself could create, control, or erase. .
             Plato viewed love as an emotion that made the mind powerless to it's hold. He stated that the emotion is completely natural but it could not be controlled. Love's power could make men irrational and consequently their actions may be solely reflecting the love that they have towards someone. Unlike Aristotle, Plato believed that love was unconquerable and couldn't be helped.

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