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Conservatino of Energy

            In order for our bodies to gain energy we must digest foods to fuel our bodies. That energy comes from foods and drinks that we consume everyday. The meals that we eat go through the digestive process and nutrients are carried out throughout the whole entire body to help our bodies function. The law of conservation of energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, in order for that to be true for example in eating we wonder where the energy goes.
             In digestion where most of the digestion occurs is in the small intestines. This is where sugars, amino acids and fatty acids are absorbed into the villi. The villi then releases the soluble nutrients into the body system where the energy that came from foods are used but not destroyed. To prove that no energy is destroyed, the large intestines absorbs unusable, indigestible wastes and then eliminated from the anus which gets rid of energy that could not be used. The energy that is not used is excreted not destroyed. .
             Chemistry is all around us, even when we eat and when we use lots of energy during sports to fuel our bodies. The energy is being used but not destroyed, the law of conservation can be applied to mostly everyday actions that people do. We all use some source of energy and we wonder what happens to it and by the wonders of modern chemistry we can understand apply the law of conservation of energy. .

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