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October Sky

             October Sky's is a story about a group of high school boys growing up in a coal mining West Virginia town. Homer throughout the story was faced with many different situations and grew up to be a young man because of them. Homer and his three friends face a certain conflict with Homer's father. Homer's father a top manager of the coal mine is against his son messing with rockets. Homer is faced with put downs and despair more then the other boys.
             The boys growing up in a small town in West Virginia, that no one ever left, brought there dream seem it would never take place. Kids that are brought up in coal mining towns such as these never actually try to peruse their dreams because they will just be let down and work in a coal mine. But these four boys strived to achieve and because of this they reached the dream no one ever thought would happen. .
             The four boys were faced with a stereotype of sons of the coal mining business. Faced with an idea of being dumb and having a future in mining didn't stop the pursue of the boys being "rocket scientist". The Bear Creek boys being pushed down from their peers to Homer's own father almost led them to plunge a rocket dream. But there were few people who did try to make the boys dreams come true. Homer's mother was the first supporter of Homer and his crew. She opened her own basement to the boy's workshop. Being the first believer and a family member of Homer helped the boys dreams seem to come real slowly. Next there teacher led the boys to believe they could do it. She kept there minds alive with new ideas and I think everyone needs a person to push everyone to be the best.
             The Bear Creek boys faced with much negative words pushed there way out of the town to become heroes and save there minds and self pride. Without each other, Homer's Mom, and their teacher they would not of concurred there goal. The "dumb" boys of Bear Creek in the end had become "rocket scientist" in there own small West Virginia town.

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