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             Classical Music was a popular term for the Western tradition of art music that began in Europe in the Middle Ages. Classical music has these types of music, symphonies, chamber music, opera and other music. Choral Music was music that was sung by a group of people, using two or more singers to perform each line. Choral music is written for choruses or choirs that have adults, children, or both children and adults in it. Part singing practices were also made in folk, tribal, and non Western cultures they say. Such singing that they do sometimes includes some manual labor, expresses joy or sorrow, or forms a part of religious ritual. In ancient Greece, religious feelings were expressed in a drama by a chorus. Besides the chorus music there was also dancers and actors as well as singers. The term chorus finally came to mean only singers which it wasnt before. Chant always sung melody, the rhythms and melodic contours of which are closely tied to the spoken rhythms and inflections of the text which is basically the definition of it. Chant texts can be either sacred or secular, but it usually refers to sacred music. Chant has been used in religious ceremonies since the ancient times. Present day chant styles in the Western world, the most important is Jewish chant. In Christian chant most of the texts are taken from Psalms in the bible that christians and jews shared. In Spain, there was a chant repertory called Mozarabic chant it was named after the Mozarab Christians who lived in Arabdominated Spain during the Middle Ages until the 11th century. Today in this generation chant is still used by few spanish cathedrals. France had its own chant repertory but not until the 9th century, called Gallican chant. Some is still used in the Gregorian repertory. In Rome a separate repertory developed called Gregorian chant after Pope Gregory I who was known as the "Great".

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