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             Find out what are the key elements (e.) of the Indiana economy "we will give you some helpful hints on where to look. Then, for each of these sectors, think about the way in which these sectors have been influenced by globalization and NAFTA, and try to come to some conclusion for each whether the impact has been negative or positive. It is perfectly alright to use your subjective judgment here as long as you explain your reasoning. If you do not come from Indiana, you may use your home state. This should be three pages, double-spaced, computer-generated and will be handed in on October 24th. This is worth 25%. This will be the subject of the discussion section on October 31st.
             Globalization is the process of integration of the world community into a common system either economical or social. Globalization is to integrate economically most of the populations of the world. The advantages of these phases would be the reduction of geographical inequalities by spreading jobs and business opportunities all around the word. So, the main action of actors of the first phase is world trade negotiation against protectionism. For centuries, globalization has increasingly knitted together the world and created unity out of great diversity. Coca Cola, Disney and McDonald's symbolize the process, along with Sony, Shell Oil and IBM. They are products known and consumed from Ulan Bator to Little Rock - and also powerful companies that drive globalization forward, creating new laws, new business practices, new ways to eat and drink, new hopes and dreams. Optimists look forward to a global village, linked together by the internet, and benefitting from ever-increasing material well-being. Pessimists see a frightful corporate tyrrany destroying the environment, and sweeping away all that is healthy and meaningful to human existence.
             North American Free Trade Agreement. A 1994 agreement reached by the United States, Canada, and Mexico that instituted a schedule for the phasing out of tariffs and eliminated a variety of fees and other hindrances to encourage free trade between the three North American countries.

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